About us
If you are young, full of energy and curious about human rights and equality - come to us and make your plans come true, bring your friends and realize your projects!
Let's create space for tolerance together!
Our goals:
Unite efforts of national minorities in Georgia in fight against hatred, xenophobia, and antisemitism
Provide informal intercultural education for teenagers
Create network of peer-leaders who are standing for ideas of tolerance
Contribute to activization of youth participation
Contribute to protecting human rights of minorities and diversity in Georgia
Strengthen intercultural and interethnical dialogue
Our projects
Addiction is Not a Crime
The goal of this campaign is to create a space for discussion in the society and show that people should not be punished for their addictions. The project was conducted in 2015-2016 and aimed to withdraw of the stigma from people who use drugs and to humanize narcopolitics in Georgia.
The campaign has triggered a public dialogue which later has led to decriminalization of drug-abuse in Georgia.
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Teenergizer is an international platform which deals with rights of HIV-positive teenagers and issues of public health. Georgian team has gathered on a base of our organization. The team has conducted more than 15 trainings about HIV for teenagers. As well in a framework of the project they have created a map (Teen-guide for HIV-positive teens) of Tbilisi. The team have also conducted QuestHIVTest: five groups of activists from Teenergizer have been inspecting HIV test-points in Tbilisi.
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Tolerance Club
Tolerance Club is organizing educational meetings, actions and days of culture for children and teenagers aiming to build intercultural dialogue among them, to tell them about tolerance and human rights and just to spend a fun time together.
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In 2017 during municipal elections in Tbilisi a volunteer campaign #Iobserve had been conducted. Among 800 applicants 350 volunteers had been selected and in result of 14 trainings 205 of them had become election observers. 8 call-center operators had been consulting observers, helping to prevent violations and file complaints about unlawful acts 24/7. After the elections the team of volunteers continued participating in socially important projects. Various educational events are being held constantly to improve their skills, for instance, in 2018 a 'School of active citizen' was conducted by our partner organization Center for Participation and Development.
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UNITED Conferences
UNITED is an international network of organizations that stand against xenophobia and hatred. They are organizing annual conferences which are a unique opportunity for many NGOs and youth activists to meet, plan their cooperation and share the experience.
In 2014 World of Tolerance had become a host-organization for a conference named '"What Divides Europe? Bridging traditional Values and Fundamental Rights" in Bakuriani.
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International Camp 'Small World'
Children camp 'Small World' is a program for teenagers who became internally displaced and directly suffered from armed conflicts. The camp targeted for adaptation after the trauma of war conflicts welcomed teenagers from the occupied Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk regions (Ukraine) as well as children from Abkhazia and South Osetia (Georgia).
The camp has been conducted in 2016 in Borjomi-Kharagauli national park.

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Sources of Tolerance - Caucasus
International camps 'Sources of Tolerance - Caucasus' and 'Sources of European Tolerance' have been organized in Georgia from 2012 until 2017. Children from Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia, Israel and other countries and regions have had an opportunity to learn culture, traditions, history, religion, songs and dances of different cultures, to express themselves and to have a rest in picturesque Georgian mountains and at the sea shore.

Our team
Ekaterine Chuchulashvili
Member of the board, pedagogist, director and methodist in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp
Giorgi Marjanishvili
Chairman of the board, civil activist
Aksana Sharoyan
Member of the board, TV-host
Management team of 'Sources of Tolerance' camp
Sasha Delemenchuk
Sergey Koynov
Miroslav Grinberg
Liudmila Batalina
Emma Chuchulashvili

Art-manager of the camp
Vitali Safarov

Administrative director
Sasha Zurian
Mariam Nosikova
Nika Enukidze
Teona Kakhiani
In memoriam: Vito Safarov
Vito Safarov (1993-2018) was our friend and colleague who was a citizen of Georgia and had Jewish, Yazidi, and Armenian roots.
He had been working in our partner organization 'Center for Participation and Development', was an administrative directors of 'Sources of Tolerance' and 'Small World' camps, was a case-manager and a human rights defender in Tbilisi Shelter City project and a volunteer in Jewish community in Georgia.
Vito could always find a way to the hearts of 'tough teenagers', colleagues and anyone around. Most of his short but bright life he had been fighting intolerance and hatred, working in educational projects.
Vito had been fatally wounded 4 times by neo-nazis on the dawn of September, 30, 2018 near Liberty Square after trying to stop the conflict near the bar 'Warszawa' in Tbilisi.
We all remember Vito as a bright, kind and just person and we are very grateful for his presence in our lives!
Opening night, 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2012
International camp 'Sources of Tolrance', 2012
Ukrainian day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2017
Azerbaijani day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2017
Festival of cultures in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2017
Yazidi day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2017
Armenian day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2017
Georgian day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2017
Opening night in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2017
'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
Opening night in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
Democracy day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
Azerbaijani day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
Festival of cultures in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
Ukrainian day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 20176
Jewish day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
Armenian day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
Last day in 'Sources of Tolerance' camp, 2016
International camp 'Small World', 2016
International camp 'Small World', 2016
Promo-video for 'Addiction in Not a Crime' campaign, 2015
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